WELCOME! Company introduction of the Pellissima Hydropeel ltd.

Trichology, the science of hair

Our story in a nutshell…

Hydropeeling is a frequently used technology in cosmetics, however it is a revolutionary innovation and new direction in trichology, also beneficial in dermatological treatments, especially when used on the face. This medical instrument is significantly effective in treating burnt damages of skin. The technology is based on the life-giving water. With this technology, we are able to treat the deeper layers of the skin, which seemed to be impossible in the recent past of trichology.

…and may cause spectacular improvements even after one therapy!

Our main target is to restore the healthy state of hair and head skin, keep its condition, and cease the counterproductive processes. The Pellissima Hydropeel was created based on the 15 years old specialized expertise and innovative creativity of our professional trichologists. With the help of the technology, we can eliminate dermatological disorders or symptoms, such as:


Skin peeling (greasy dermal inflammation, psoriasis)


Bacterial infections


Greasy infections caused by pathogenic fungi


Thickening/thinning of the skin layers


Hair loss, baldness (alopecia)

Pellissima Hydropeel


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