Step by step

The therapy

The Pellissima Hydropeel therapies can be started only after a special hair analysis, done by a medical instrument, called the microcamera. It shows us an almost 300x magnified picture of the skin surface. Post the analysis we can detect the possible disorders of the skin, and make a diagnosis. We always start the analysis by picking up the personal anamnesis (medical history) of our guest, led by the specialist. Based on the results of the analysis, the tricholist selects the most effective, personalized products for the therapy. This is the reason why the therapy is personal and unique for every our guests. For the treatment we use the Hydropeel machine. A special spray head belongs to the machine, which works on 7 Bar pressure. We fill up the machine with the chosen product, so the head can spread the therapeutic agent into the skin layers, even into the deeper parts of the skin. In this way we can inject the right agent to the appropriate lesions, where it can be effective. Also, the upper layers of the skin can become softened, and the high-speed drops can remove the plaques, clean up the skin equally on the whole treated skin surface. The procedure cannot be harmful – it helps our skin to „work” between normal conditions.

The therapy includes 5 steps:

  1. Pre-treatment
  2. Direct treatment (hydropeel)
  3. Hair bath
  4. Mask
  5. Post-treatment (emulsion)